Fume Disposable Vape Tropical Fruit

The fume disposable vape offers a wide variety of flavors to choose from. The flavors range from fresh lychee to blueberry mint, and from vanilla to watermelon. Each flavor is a unique and enjoyable experience that will leave you wanting more. You can also choose from different nicotine strengths.

Infinity Fresh Lychee

If you enjoy vaping the tastes of exotic fruits, Infinity Fresh Lychee by Fume is a must-try. Its smooth, Asian-inspired flavor squirts luscious juices onto your tongue. Its smoothness is balanced with a light, gentle sweetness.

Infinity Fresh Lychee is a great addition to the Fume line, featuring a new design and incredible flavor. This device has 12ml of e-liquid capacity and a battery that lasts for approximately 3,500 puffs. The Fume Infinity is an excellent choice for newcomers or experienced vape enthusiasts.

Infinity Blueberry Mint

The Fume Infinity Blueberry Mint disposable vape features a unique blueberry mint flavor with a powerful cooling effect. This menthol-based e-liquid is also available in strawberry, banana, cotton candy, grape, mint, and banana ice flavors. The device also features a draw-and-puff mechanism for convenient vaping.

The Fume Infinity Blueberry Mint disposable vape has a TPD-compliant battery and features an easy one-click pod-change system. The flavor is incredibly delicious and will soothe your throat and calm your senses. The sleek, compact design offers a high-performance, TPD-compliant vape that boasts a 1500mAh battery. Its impressive flavor and impressive battery life make it a great choice for frequent vapers.

Infinity Fresh Vanilla

The Fume Infinity Fresh Vanilla fume disposable vape delivers three-hundred and fifty puffs of pure vanilla flavor, making it an excellent choice for a sweet-toothed vaper. The device contains a mixture of natural and artificial flavorings, vegetable glycerine, and propylene glycol. It also contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive chemical.

Fume Infinity Fresh Vanilla comes in several different flavors. Strawberry banana is a smooth and refreshing fruity blend, while blue razz is a mix of raspberries and blueberries. There’s also banana ice, cotton candy, and grape ice, among other flavor choices.

Infinity Watermelon

The Infinity Watermelon fume disposable vaping device by Fume is a fruity treat that blends salt-based nicotine with menthol to create a deliciously refreshing fruit vape. This vape features peaches from some of Georgia’s best orchards, and the natural sugars in the fruit make it a refreshing, crisp finish.

This disposable vape is available in two flavors: watermelon and strawberry. It has a 3,500-puff capacity and comes with 12mL of prefilled e-juice. The device uses the latest technologies to deliver a smooth vaping experience. The flavors were carefully selected by Fume based on consumer preferences and market trends. This device is lightweight and easy to carry around in your pocket.

Infinity Peach Iced

Infinity Peach Iced by Fume is the perfect blend of salt-based nicotine, menthol, and the sweet and cool nectar of ripe Georgia peaches. This unique vape juice is as refreshing as it is delicious, and features 12ml of e-liquid to last all day long.

The Fume Infinity disposable vape device is perfect for people who love a sugary hard candy flavor but still want to feel the satisfaction that comes with a delicious vape. This mouthwatering flavor is a blend of blue raspberries, which give the flavor a unique tartness and sweet sweetness.

Infinity Rainbow Candy

Fume Infinity’s Rainbow Candy is a tasty, fruity treat. This flavor is a delightful mix of sour lemon, blueberries, and raspberries. It’s packed with intense fruit flavor and a cool, menthol finish. If you’re looking for a great fruity vape that tastes just like the real thing, look no further.

The Fume Infinity is a 3500 puff disposable vape pen that is powered by a 1500mAh battery. This battery is designed to last longer than most vape pens. The device comes pre-filled with a 12ml E-liquid flavor pod. As with other vape pens, the device contains nicotine, which can be addictive.